K-Net Inventory Control Clerk

An inventory clerk is responsible for tracking and managing incoming and outgoing supplies, inventory and products within Knet locations. This involves tasks such as stocking inventory shelves and/or sheds, ordering the necessary items requested and updating the inventory system.


The Inventory Control Clerk is supervised by and is directly accountable to the KNet Operations Manager


  1. Receive all shipment of goods and verify the order received.
  2. Compiles and maintains records of quantity, type, and value of material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies stocked at KNet locations.
  3. Counts material, equipment, merchandise, or supplies in stock and posts totals to inventory records, manually or using computer.
  4. Prepares list of depleted items, updates quotes and prepares requisition orders to management.
  5. Organizes pre-counts for mid-year and annual inventory.
  6. Ensure all work orders are processed correctly and verified against all shipping documentation.
  7. Pick and distribute parts/inventory to techs and departments.
  8. Provide quality service to both internal and external customers.
  9. Able to work extended hours during peak business season.
  10. Assist in the preparation of inventory and other reports for internal purposes.
  11. Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with those on your team, as well as cross-functionally.
  12. Other duties as assigned

Education and Experience:

  1. Minimum of grade 12 diploma combined with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.
  2. Good working knowledge of Microsoft office programs such as word, excel and outlook.
  3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English, both written and verbal.
  4. Good eye for detail combined with strong mathematical and analytical and problem solving skills.


  1. Performs inventory functions in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance with generally accepted Accounting principles.
  2. Completes all duties and activities in a timely and professional manner.
  3. Works effectively with a minimum of supervision and shows responsibility to completion of tasks.
  4. Works productively and professionally as member of the accounting team.
  5. Deals with customers, vendors and KNet employees in a professional and objective manner.
  6. Maintains the strictest of confidence with regards to KNet customers, vendors and with all personnel and other confidential internal records and proceedings.
  7. Is willing to acquire new skills and knowledge required to fulfill the position’s roles and responsibilities and sees learning and development as part of his/her job.
  8. Is able to adapt effectively to changes in workload or work environment.
  9. Manages time effectively (handles workload efficiently and effectively, reliable attendance, punctual etc).


  • A strong background in monitoring and inventory control as well as good problem solving and analytical skills are required.
  • Conscientious, with a keen attention to detail.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to recognize problems and apply sound solutions.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills as well as time management and organizational abilities are beneficial.
  • Experience in inventory control.
  • Experience and proficiency in the use of computer information systems and software programs is required.

The role is carried out in both an office setting and off site storage locations; therefore, compliance with health and safety standards is required, including wearing protective equipment and maintaining a safe and orderly workplace, reporting any unsafe conditions, accidents or injuries to management. Understanding of safety regulations is required. pennycarpenter@lp.knet.ca


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