IT Training with Wunnumin Lake First Nation

Wunnumin Lake Telecom that manages the local ISP (Internet Service Provider) was at K-Net's offices in Sioux Lookout last week to receive training and information on managing and developing their community ISP business. Wunnumin Lake’s General Manager, Archie Wabasse is leading the way with his community’s IT visions to expand their telecommunications services within their community. Archie brought his team to learn more about their ISP capabilities. Wunnumin’s community technicians, Noah Martin and Calvin Suganaqueb received training in Cable Plant & VoIP with Brad "Woody" Woodworth, KNet's Cable Specialist and  Delta Shawinimash received training on KMobile with Michelle Quedent, KNet's KMobile Sales Lead. They spent two days in training sessions and one day in a planning & information session with KNet Managers to discuss their future community IT developments.  
To book and plan a training session for your community ISP department, please contact or phone 1-877-737-5638. 


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