Here are some of the On-line resources for Native Language from K-Net Services:

Oji-Cree Translation Dictionary

The Oji-Cree English Translation dictionary will be an online resource for the First Nations in the Sioux Lookout District. The vision of the dictionary will be to have a dynamic database which will reference English, Oji-Cree, syllabics, pictures, and sounds. The dictionary is still in the developmental stages.

If you would like to see the basic prototype of the dictionary, you can see it at:

Hint: Leave the all the choices blank and click on SEARCH to see ALL the existing words in the prototype.


The legends site has native legends from Northwestern Ontario. They are available in text and sound both in Oji-Cree and English. See the site at:

Syllabic Fonts

Some of the pages on the K-Net site are viewable in syllabics. To view the syllabics properly you must download the following file that has the fonts needed.
There are 4 true type fonts in a self-extracting file that will be copied to your windows font directory. It should take less than 30 seconds to download the file to your computer.

Here is an example of what the fonts look like:

Download sylfonts.exe (97.7K) Updated June18th, 1999 - Resinstall if you have the older versions

Install Instructions

  • Click on the above link
  • From the new window choose save file as
  • Save the file to your windows desktop or other location
  • Double click on the file in you desktop or folder
  • Follow the instructions in the self-extracting file
  • *NOTE* To have the fonts displayed in your Web Browser, you must test the fonts first, do this by
    • View your windows font folder, c:\windows\fonts, by going through My Computer, or Windows Explorer
    • Double click on each of the Syllabic fonts so that a window displays a test of the fonts
    • Go back to your web browser, and then you should be able to view the syllabics

Now that you have these fonts on your computer, you are able to use them to view the Legends website and also in Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Word and other windows programs

Keyboard Layouts

See the Syllabics as they are layed out on the keyboard. You can print them to full size as well.