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KNet is a unique First Nations owned & operated ICT Service Provider leading the way for rural and remote First Nations of Ontario into the ever growing world of information communication technologies. Based out of Sioux Lookout Ontario, KNet materializes a wide range of capacity building services visualized by First Nations; such as cellular service, broadband connectivity, and online applications.
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Alvin Fiddler
1 week 3 days
KO Reception / Secretary - Thunder Bay
Please visit kochiefs.ca to view the job ad. [More]
Alvin Fiddler
1 month 1 week
Come sign up for another year at KiHS
Please visit our websites kihs.knet.ca and ned.knet.ca. You can come and sign up for courses and get your diploma with KiHS you can get to work easier with an OSSD, go to College, and go to University. [More]
Alvin Fiddler
2 months 1 week
K-Net Cable Plant Training and Maintenance Workshop 2014
Registration Forms is now available for the K-Net Cable Plant Training Workshop. [Online Registration] Please registrer by September 19, 2014. Workshop Information Place: [More]
Alvin Fiddler
2 months 3 weeks
K-Net Network Administrator Position Available
K-Net Services is a converged network company specializing in rural and remote First Nations and communities. Based in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, K-Net Services operates a vast, complex and diverse network along with its partners spanning three provinces since 1991. [More]