Meet the Team

Jesse Fiddler
Director of KNET

Jesse Fiddler is from Sandy Lake First Nation.  He has worked in various capacities at K-Net over the last 25 years from being a student worker, website and multimedia developer, server & database admin, field technician, IT trainer, and many other roles within the team.   All this experience gives him a solid understanding of all the services that K-Net provides to our communities and customers.

In his free time, Jesse enjoys playing hockey, creating art & wood carvings, and outdoor activities with his family.

(807)737-1135 x. 1712

Adelaide Anderson
Office Administrator

Adelaide Anderson, the knowledgeable and experienced office administrator, has been with KNET (Kuhkenah Network) for over four years. Her previous work experience and her dedication to community empowerment make KNET the perfect fit, conveniently located right next door! 

Adelaide’s advice to young First Nations people looking to thrive in the tech industry is simple: “Think of a career in tech.”
(807) 737-1135 x. 1269

Jawad Urrehman
Manager, Finance at K-NET

Jawad Urrehman works with KNET/KO as a finance manager. He has 8 years of experience in finance, and a degree from Lakehead University to show for it. The last two years he has been the Manager of Finance – he looks after all the money stuff, like payroll, invoices and more. Jawad tackles any difficult problems with enthusiasm and skill. He’s always willing to learn something new and share his knowledge with others. On top of that, he believes everyone should work together to make their communities even better. Jawad is an important part of KNET/KO, and a great example of hard work, skill, and collaboration.
(807) 735-1381 ext. 1295

Network Team 

Adi Linden 
Network Manager

Adi Linden, the Network Manager of the Network Department, is a 25-year veteran of K-Net. With an education in electronics engineering and past work experience in small businesses, Adi is a wealth of knowledge. Before becoming the network manager, Adi served as a Systems Analyst. What Adi enjoys most about K-Net is the vibrant community and the opportunity to work with different technologies. His advice for customers is that K-Net is dedicated to their satisfaction.

In his free time, Adi loves to indulge in a variety of tech-related hobbies, from amateur radio and electronic design to drones, servers, and virtualization. He also enjoys gardening and running an embroidery business. With his vast experience and range of interests, Adi stands as a prime example of K-Net’s commitment to providing excellent customer service.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1257

Keith Hutton
Senior Network Administrator

Keith has more than 30 years of experience in telecommunications, designing, implementing, and managing complex IT infrastructures for organizations in both private and public sectors. As a Senior Professional Services Consultant for Bell Canada, he specialized in networking, wireless, and security. He was also a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor and a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor and contributed to Cisco Press as a technical author. He’s been a Senior Network Administrator at KNET for over 4 years, enjoying the people and the culture most of all.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1509

Brad Woodworth
Cable Plant Specialist 

With 30 years of cable industry experience and 7 years of supporting KNET’s northern techs and partners, he brings extensive RF knowledge and skills to the Networking Team. He had no trouble transitioning to the strong family-like bond between team members, each with their own specializations and abilities. Brad loves how KNET can tackle any problem, big or small, with ease. 

Outside of work, Brad’s passion is teaching his three children to appreciate and protect the environment. On the weekends, he enjoys sailing or windsurfing, but never misses a chance to cheer the Toronto Maple Leafs on Hockey Night In Canada!
(807) 737-1135 x. 6759

Mahdiyar Shariati
Network Technician

Mahdiyar has been in the telecom industry for 15 years. He has a degree in Computer Science and special certification, making him a Junior Network Administrator at K-Net. At K-Net, Mahdiyar enjoys working with others and finding creative solutions to tough problems. His team is dedicated to connecting people and improving their lives using technology. Mahdiyar wants everyone to join them so they can make the world a better place.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1270

Terence Burnard

Terence has dedicated the last 18 years of his life to KNET, a technology provider for communities in the North. After completing a Computer Engineering degree (software) at St Lawrence in Kingston, Terence was hired by KNET and immediately began to make an impact.

His favourite part of the job? Knowing that he’s part of the team that brings technology to Northern homes. If KNET could offer up one piece of advice to customers and clients, it would be this: “Your input helps KNet improve.” Through feedback, KNET continues to create more innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1268 

Service Help Desk Team 

Cal Kenny
Service Desk Lead

Cal has been at KNet for 22 years. After high school, he used his artistic skills to become Multimedia Coordinator and made lots of documentaries. Now, he’s part of the Service Desk Technicians and Network Specialists team. He loves meeting new people and believes they can do great things with the right resources and leadership.

In his free time, Cal likes going to his kids’ sports games, reading books, and getting outdoors. At KNet, he encourages his coworkers to reach their goals. He’s dedicated to making KNet—and the world—a better place and hasn’t stopped for over two decades. He’s part of a team of awesome KNet employees who think they can do great things together.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1254

Chris Kakegumick
Service Desk Technician 

Chris has been working in technology-related jobs for many years – first as a Community Telemedicine Coordinator in Sandy Lake, then at K-Net for almost 10 years as a Service/IT Desk Technician. He has learned lots about products and services, so he can help customers and clients by giving them useful and educational advice. In his free time, he loves outdoor activities such as hunting, golfing and taking drives. He also likes to wake up early during the winter holidays to appreciate the quietness.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1590

Tyler Meekis
Service Desk Technician 

Tyler Meekis is an experienced Service Desk Technician who began his career in 2010 with a coop placement as a data entry clerk at K-Net. Following this, Tyler worked in K-Net’s Youth Community Access Program in Deer Lake, acting as a cable technician/network technician trainee under Jeremy Sawanas. Since then, he has further developed his skillset by providing IT support for rewiring schools’ LAN networks, working as an IT Technician in the Deer Lake school, and holding other positions in Sioux Lookout, ON. In 2015, Tyler returned to K-Net as an Inventory Clerk before being promoted to the role of Service Desk Technician in 2018—where he has now worked for 5.5 years. 

Being an IT professional isn’t just Tyler’s job—it’s his passion. His favourite aspects include the food and cabling installs, as well as installing network devices. As he loves working with clients and customers alike, Tyler would like to express his appreciation: “Thank you for hiring K-Net!”
(807) 737-1135 x. 1268

Isaac Miles
Inventory Clerk/ Service Desk Trainee 

Isaac is an ambitious person who is determined to succeed. He graduated from college with a diploma in the solar industry in 2019 and got a job at KNET. In his first year, he faced various challenges and was promoted to Inventory Clerk/Service Desk Trainee. He was also allowed to travel and realized that hard work brings success. Now, he is passionate about his job and is working hard to build his career and become the best version of himself. Isaac’s story exemplifies how hard work and dedication can lead to success. If you want to reach your dreams, don’t give up and keep a good attitude and work ethic.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1273

Network and Business Sales Team 

Alvin Fiddler
Network and Business Sales Manager 

Alvin Fiddler graduated from Algonquin College with a Business Marketing diploma in 2011. He already had 13 years of experience as a graphic designer, newspaper production manager, and web developer. So, when KNET hired him as a Multimedia Coordinator, he was perfect for the job. Alvin designed websites and web-based solutions for clients. His role then evolved and he began managing web projects and creating materials for KNET’s tradeshows and events. He wanted to help KNET offer better customer service to First Nations people, so he went to the Business Services and Inventory/Sales department. In his current role as KNET Business/Network Sales Manager, Alvin finds creative solutions for customers and helps the team provide faster service to First Nations communities.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1500

Samira Ranjbar
Service and Business Sales 

Samira is an amazing business professional! She has degrees in computer and business, and now works at KNET. She helps deliver internet solutions across Northern Ontario. Samira firmly believes everyone should have access to technology. She loves her job; she enjoys engaging with First Nations culture and history. She encourages people to communicate their needs and feedback to get the best experience from KNET. When she’s not working, Samira enjoys shopping, spending time with her family, and camping. She is a great example of the power of hard work, dedication, and passion to make a real impact in any industry.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1200

Franz Seibel
Project Lead (Contractor)

Franz Seibel is a project lead and network and business sales contractor at KNET. For over 15 years, he has worked with the KO communities and KNET to support their land and resources objectives, proposing and reporting on broadband upgrades, and providing strategic planning. Recently, Franz has also worked on projects for KO Lands and Treaties and KO Research.

His favourite part about working at KNET is visiting the various communities, hearing their histories, and sharing a laugh with old friends. His advice to customers? “The team at KNET is always ready to help with finding solutions to any problem.”

When he’s not at work, Franz can often be found fishing, chopping firewood, or spending time with his three daughters.
(807) 737-1135 

Gabrielle Wesley
Marketing, Media, Design, and
Communications Specialist 

Gabrielle Wesley is a specialist in marketing, media, design and communications. She has a graphic design diploma from Georgian College and over 20 years of experience in her field. She’s worked with clients of all sizes, for and with firms, and as a freelancer. She spent 4 years managing a print production department at KERC and loves the variety of creative work she does.

Gabrielle has been with KNET for under a year but already loves the team. She creates websites, updates brands and creates branded materials like brochures, reports and newsletters for KNET and its clients and customers.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1256

Cellular Sales Team 

Marie Carson
Cellular Sales Coordinator 

Marie Carson is a manager for KNET, a company in the community for 17 years. She helps lead her team to success and makes sure everyone works together. She also stays updated on her field so she can stay ahead. Marie has held other positions at KNET like reception and service desk. She loves talking to customers and helping them find the right products and services. Marie suggests people come in and visit the office to learn more. She believes hard work and dedication can lead to success.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1510

Meaghan Mekanak 
Cellular Sales Clerk / Reception

Meaghan Mekanak has been helping people in northern communities since joining KNET in November 2022. She graduated from Dryden High School in 2020 and worked at Wilson’s Business Solutions in Dryden and Sioux Lookout. With her experience, Meaghan helps customers get the most out of their cellular services. She recommends keeping a balance above $30 to take advantage of discounts and offers. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, fishing or having picnics. She’s an excellent role model for anyone looking to make a difference.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1255

Serenity Fiddler 
Cellular Sales Clerk / Reception / Student Worker 

Serenity Fiddler, a receptionist and member of the cellular sales team at K-Net, has been in the customer service industry since she was only 14 years old. While her career goal is to eventually attend college in 2024 to pursue her dream of becoming an artist and illustrator, Serenity is using her current role to save up money for that goal. Even while working hard each day, Serenity manages to keep a positive and enthusiastic attitude due to the chill and friendly staff at K-Net, and the ever-so-appreciated staff lunches and snacks.

Even though Serenity may be working at K-Net for now, her future remains firmly rooted in the arts. Her creative side has inspired her to take on more creative assignments. Whether it’s talking to customers on the phone like a friend or coming up with a unique illustration for a social media post, Serenity sees this as an opportunity to fulfill her dreams of becoming an artist and give something back to those she serves.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1262

Liya Beardy
Cellular Sales Clerk / Reception 

At KNET, Liya has found a place to put her natural problem-solving skills to work. She is passionate about helping customers and learning more about the telecom business, and her enthusiasm and dedication has not gone unnoticed. 

Beyond her work at KNET, Liya also enjoys living an active lifestyle. When she’s not in the office, she can be found pursuing her hobbies of riding, hunting, and playing volleyball.
(807) 737-1135 x. 1265