Kuh-Ne-Nah means Everyone in Anishiniimowin (Oji-Cree). We believe everyone of our communities should have reliable access to broadband networks that can transform our communities.

The Kuhkenah Network (K-Net) provides Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), telecommunication infrastructure and application support in First Nation communities across Ontario as well as in other remote regions in Canada. This private telecommunications network supports the development of online applications that combine video, voice and data services requiring broadband and high-speed connectivity solutions.

We work with our partner First Nation communities to create a unique community owned network. Each First Nation owns and controls their local network infrastructure and is their own Internet Service Provider.

K-Net shares our expertise in managing networks so that the each First Nation’s local economy can grow as well as leveraging the Information Technology skills that benefits everyone. We believe the talent, skills and initiative exist in our communities to do so.

K-Net Facts

  • K-Net connects over 100 Ontario First Nations
  • The network can manage up to 10 GiGs of bandwidth and is increasing
  • The network connects 26 First Nation community ISPs
  • The network connects 57 First Nation Health Centres
  • The network connects 125 First Nation Schools sites
  • The network operates 25 3G cellular sites in First Nations
  • Most Northern First Nation in Ontario is Fort Severn First Nation
  • Most southern First Nation in Ontario is Walpole Island First Nation