Service Help Desk

The Service Desk team at KNET is far more than just the group of people available to fix technical issues; they are a major force in the communities they serve. By working with community technicians to build and maintain capacity, their efforts are a huge part of increasing and enhancing access to digital technologies in KNET communities. 

From managing the broadband networks and connections to Nursing Stations, to technician training and bringing long-term upgrades, the Service Desk team is doing an incredible job of bringing KNET communities into the digital age. KNET recognizes the skills and abilities of community technicians. K-Net shares our expertise in managing networks so that each First Nation’s local economy can grow as well as leveraging the Information Technology skills that benefit everyone. We believe the talent, skills and initiative exist in our communities to do so. 

The Service Desk team at KNET isn’t just impressive because of the work they do, it’s inspiring. Through their tireless efforts and collaboration with community technicians, they are continuing to expand broadband access across the region and improve the lives of those in the communities they serve. 

This is why we’re excited to share updates of the 18 First Nation Fibre Loop Upgrade, Lac Seul Wireless Upgrade and Health Upgrades that the Service Desk team has been hard at work on. These upgrades will help to ensure that those in KNET partnering communities have access to critical services and the digital resources they need to succeed. 

At KNET, we strive to create and maintain a digital space where everyone can flourish. With the help of the Service Desk team, this is becoming a reality for the communities we serve. 

For more information contact

Cal Kenny
Service Desk Lead
(807) 737-1135 x. 1254