The KNET Networking Department is hard at work, collaborating with KNET teams to finish up projects that will benefit KNET partnering communities. Projects such as the Close to Home Project, the 100 GB Bell upgrades project and revamping the organization’s Cyber Policies and Procedures. Regular maintenance, troubleshooting problems, and assessments of community connections are also part of their duties.

KNET Networking is currently in the process of upgrading the Toronto core to the current generation of equipment, which will provide 100Gb capacity to support the Bell upgrades. 

To further streamline production, the department is planning to introduce a new and modern ticketing system, replacing the existing legacy system. The new system would allow the department to more efficiently manage projects.

KNET Networking also has an upcoming feasibility study which will explore the potential of upgrading the cellular network to 4G/5G. This includes identifying any potential defects of the existing system that are repair items. The success of this project could ultimately have a positive effect on the entire KNET organization by improving cell phone service, increasing speed, and creating a more reliable connection for KNET customers and partnering communities.

The projects the KNET Networking Department is working on have the potential to greatly improve connectivity in remote northern communities and strengthen the organization’s technological capabilities. With the combination of new and modern ticketing systems, an upgrade to the Toronto core, and the potential for an upgrade to 4G/5G, KNET Networking is sure to make a lasting impact on the future of the organization.

To learn more about what the Networking Team is doing and how you can help, check out project updates on the 10 Gbs broadband upgrades and Close to Home Project.

For more information contact 

Adi Linden 
Network Manager
(807) 737-1135 x. 1257

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