Network and Business Sales

From decorated classrooms filled with technology and necessary internet access to secure nursing stations and fibre cables, the KNET Network and Business Sales team have been hard at work making sure that all necessary upgrades and equipment are available to complete projects efficiently and effectively in KNET partnering communities. This partnership has allowed First Nation communities to benefit from increased internet security, access, and reliability.

The team has had a hand in a wide range of KNET lead projects, from 10Gbps Bell upgrades to the installation of fibre cables in new First Nation schools. “We want to make sure that every project runs efficiently from proposal to completion,” says Alvin Fiddler, Manager for KNET Network and Business Sales Department, when referencing KNET’s Close to Home and Nursing Station Managed LAN Projects. “That’s why we strive to optimize visits and streamline processes so that every community has the access they need.”

These successful projects have allowed First Nation communities and community nurses to have access to the necessary technology to do their jobs effectively. They’ve upgraded security firewalls and wifi coverage in nursing stations and residences across the remote north of Ontario and have plans to work with a few more communities in the new year. Not only does this ensure the safety and security of First Nation community members by enabling better access to health care via internet access, but it also helps to foster a sense of connectivity within the community, knowing that help will be available. 

Nursing Station Managed LAN: Security Firewall upgrade and Wi-Fi upgrade and coverage

• Poplar Hill

• Pikangikum

• Bearskin Lake

• North Caribou Lake

• Kingfisher Lake

• Wapekeka

• Sandy Lake 

• Muskrat Dam

• Sachigo Lake

• Keewaywin

K-Net Projects

• Kasabonika Lake School Fiber Build Phase 

• Kingfisher Lake Phase 1 School Cable Plant Build

• Sandy Lake New Nursing Station

• Sandy Lake & Kasabonika Lake Vocera

• North Caribou Lake Awasis New Building

• Kingfisher Lake Nursing Station Phone System

• Kingfisher Lake Social economic development Phone System

• Kingfisher Lake Band Office Phone System

• Wunnumin Lake Band Office

• Wapekeka HVAC Unit 

• Muskrat Dam Cellular Battery Replacement 

For more information contact 

Alvin Fiddler
Network and Business Sales Manager
(807) 737-1135 x. 1500