Cellular Sales

KNET  has been hard at work researching and developing initiatives to make our mobile phones and accompanying products more accessible and approachable to customers, clients, and community members. 

With more competitive plans, marketing and promotional strategies, and flexible monthly payment options to make cell phone purchases more affordable, KNET is aiming to make their cell phone shopping experience easier and more cost-effective for the communities. 

What do YOU Need/Want From KNET Mobile? 

To start, KNET would like to conduct surveys and interviews with members of the communities, community leaders, and KNET Mobile Reps to identify the specific cell phone needs of the communities. Further exploration is needed to discover how many community members would purchase new iPhones if we brought in the updated models, as well as other cutting-edge products. To ensure communities have access to the latest technology, KNET Mobile and the team are committing to bringing in more of what the communities require to stay current and connected. 

Point of Sale and KM Visits 

In addition to expanding their product selection, KNET is working on updating the KNET Mobile department’s financial point-of-sale system to a user-friendly Square platform to make it easier and more convenient for customers to make purchases and for the KNET Mobile team to bring KNET minutes and mobile phone sales to conferences, meetings and high traffic locations. Starting in the New Year, the KNET Mobile team will also begin hosting events at the airport and the hostels to offer discounted minutes on cell phones for those on the go. 

For community members looking for a more affordable and convenient way to purchase the latest and greatest cell phones, KNET is providing the perfect solution. With innovative approaches and dedication to finding the best ways to connect community members. 

For more info contact:

Marie Carson
Cellular Sales Coordinator

(807) 737-1135 x. 1510