Fort Severn Peawanuck Marine Fibre Line Project

The digital age is here to stay, leaving no corner of the world untouched by its ever-expanding reach. For communities in the far reaches of the North, that has meant technological advancements that can finally bring more reliable and powerful internet connections. Fort Severn and Peawanuck are leading a significant upgrade with KNET by replacing their satellite connection to a more reliable and scalable fibre solution.

The vision to connect with fibre was not made lightly. For too long, both communities have been dealing with the limitations of a satellite connection, which means slower speeds, unreliable connections, and high costs. With some of the most remote and isolated communities in the world, access to a scalable internet connection is critical, and that will become a reality with marine fibre.The marine fibre will be buried from the First Nations to the Hudson Bay coast where it will be layed on the bottom of the bay to Kuujjuarapik Quebec. The Kativik Regional Government has already completed a similar project and has successfully replaced satellite with marine fibre in the Hudson Bay. KNET is carefully following the First Nations direction to reduce the impacts on the land, wildlife and water. The project is in the planning stages with an estimated scheduled completion date of December 2025.

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Franz Seibel
Project Lead (Contractor)