Rates and Plans

KNET offers a variety of mobile rates and plans that allow you to pay as you go or pay a monthly fee. At KNET we work with you to get your phone up and running in a way that works for you.

K-Net Monthly Mobile Plan

Monthly Charges ($12.00) applies on SIM Activation Date of each month.


  • Voicemail Service
  • Caller ID
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Cellular Network O&M
  • MyAccount Management System – https://myaccount.knet.ca
  • K-Net Mobile Customer Support at the K-Net Mobile Sioux Lookout Office.

$30 Plus Roaming Balance 3G

$30 Plus means you can roam on the TBaytel and Rogers Network across Northern Ontario and Canada. When you are on the
K-Net Mobile Network in the First Nations community your phone will continue to work without the $30 requirement.

SMS Texting

K-Net Mobile NetworkRoaming
$4.00 Month – Unlimited Texting
$0.05 / Text
$0.05 / Text
($30 Minimum Balance Required)


K-Net Mobile NetworkRoaming
$0.05 / minute for local calls
$0.15 / minute for long distance calls
$0.10 / minute for local calls
$0.20 / minute for long distance calls
($30 Minimum Balance Required)


K-Net Mobile NetworkRoaming
$10.00 / 512MB of Data
No monthly expiration occurs