5 months 4 weeks
Satellite Broadband Upgrade Celebrated in Peawanuck First Nation
Broadband internet is something we sometimes take for granted, but in Peawanuck First Nation where the remote community is served by a shared satellite connection, it is a big deal. Head Councillor Jeff Hunter shares how this week’s upgrade has made his work at the band office more efficient. [More]
6 months 6 days
Fort Severn First Nation Satellite Broadband Upgrade a Relief for the Community
Ontario’s most northern remote First Nation has completed a broadband upgrade that has made a real impact. Everyday services are affected by broadband speeds, not just email and web browsing. [More]
6 months 2 weeks
K-Net Office Administrator
The Office Administrator reports to the Operations Manager and is a member of the Service Support Team. [More]
6 months 2 weeks
K-Net Senior Network Administrator
The Senior Network Administrator reports to the Network Manager and is a member of the Network Development Team. He or she assists Team members with support, maintenance and optimization of core network services, devices, and communications systems. [More]
7 months 1 week
K-Net Operations Manager
The Operations Manager reports to the K-Net Director and is responsible for day-to-day oversight and coordination of project development and delivery, scheduled maintenance and service support activities. [More]
7 months 1 week
K-Net Special Projects Coordinator
The K-Net Special Projects Coordinator reports to the Operations Manager and is a member of the K-Net Service and Support Team. He or she is primarily responsible for coordinating Special Projects program activities. [More]
8 months 3 weeks
Telederm Project
Tyler Meekis (Deer Lake) is the newest member of the service desk team. Here he is configuring computers for the Telederm Project. [More]
8 months 3 weeks
KI New Office
Lysanne Mckay Brown (CTC) from Big Trout Lake meeting and doing a test call in her new office with Britney McNamee in Balmertown. K-Net was on site to help with the transition from as she relocated. [More]
1 year 2 weeks
Fort Severn/Peawanuck C-Band Satellite Project
K-Net will be announcing the Fort Severn/Peawanuck C-Band Satelite Project on Thursday, August 2nd at 10:00 A.M. CST at the K-Net Main Office in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.   A Live Stream link will be available at 9:00 A.M. CST here on this page before the event.  [More]
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SPAM ALERT: E-Mail Notification
Please delete this email message. This is a fake email scam. Subject: Final warming your email will expire Your e-mailbox password will expire in 2 days. to keep your password. CLICK-HERE to update And Submit immediately   IT-Service Help Desk [More]