10G 18 First Nation Fibre Loop Broadband Upgrade – Update

Thank you for your continued support of the head end 10Gbps broadband upgrade project. Thank you for hosting the KNet team working with your technicians in your communities to setup up racks, cable routers and UPS batteries, and confirming head end electrical and Heating / Cooling requirements at the head end building. KNet is also upgrading the connection to the internet at our main gateway point in Toronto along with network-wide security upgrades.

Bell has been completing assessments for their upgrades. It is Bell’s practice to land a helicopter at the head end for a few hours and complete their work in the Bell building. We have been sending notices to the band offices as Bell notifies us about a week before the Bell flights.

Next steps:

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024                         KNet to install wireless equipment in the communities that use wireless to connect homes

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024                         KNet to return to communities that use cable to connect homes to connect and test the new cable router

Winter 2024                                               Community Technician Training in Sioux Lookout

Fall 2024 (Bell delay)                              Bell to complete upgrades and install the 10G router – Bell notified KNet of their delay until Fall 2024

Fall 2024                                                      KNet to confirm routing and complete testing

There is a budget of up to $12,000 for your community to cover your community technician’s wages or hire a technician to help with the installations and prepare the community network for upgraded connections to the homes and buildings. We look forward to the in-person technician training workshop and building capacity of your community technicians through online workshops to review technical and business information.


KNet Director, Jesse Fiddler                Jessefidder@lp.knet.ca (807) 737-1720