Tech Speak 101

We use a lot of abbreviations here at KNET (which, did you know, stands for Kuhkenah Networking).

We also, realize that not everyone knows what we are talking about when we say we specialize in ICT (Information Communication Technology). So, in this post, we are breaking down some of the most used abbreviations at KNET. It’s like learning a new language, tech speak.

  • KNET: Kuhkenah Networking
  • KM: KNET Mobile
  • ICT: Information communication technology
  • CTC: Community Telemedicine Coordinators
  • PUK: Personal Unlock Key for your cell phone
  • SIM: Subscriber Identity Module
  • APN: Access point name, access for data in the community
  • CMTS – Cable Modem Termination System
  • uBR – Universal Broadband Router
  • SNR – Signal to Noise Ratio
  • RF – Radio Frequency
  • CM – Cable Modem
  • RX – Receive signal
  • TX – Transmit signal
  • Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity the standard term for indoor wireless services.
  • dBm = decibel in Milliwatts
  • IoT = Internet of Things
  • VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol

If you can think of any other abbreviations you want to know the meaning of, let us know in the comments below.

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